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Racing car circuits in 06 ??

Posted by klwestall - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by klwestall - 15 years ago

Thanks for all your help ... I'll have a look at the linksKat

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Posted by lob-189383 - 15 years ago

ags do a f 1 experience at le luc:http://www.agsformule1.com/it's a teeny weeny circuit but it's great fun none the less and plenty of run off if you make a mistake.that's the only circuit (apart from monaco!) in the 06 areaothers close(ish) are grand sambuc nr aix (http://www.boostage.com/Lotus/Circuits/Grand-Sambuc.htm)pretty circuit but armco is very close..ledenon - is about half way between nimes and orange:http://www.ledenon.com/excellent circuit and has just been resurfacedand paul ricard now owned by berny ecclestone and i believe now almost totally closed to the great unwashed. there used to be a very famous racing school there - the winfield racing school, which produced f1 stars like prost and alessi but i believe it no longer exists. if it does - this would be the most amazing present ever.http://www.circuitpaulricard.comlob

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Posted by pearson5 - 15 years ago

Theres a track at Le Luc in the Var - not sure whats on offer though...