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Rollerblading Tuition

Posted by Susan A2Z - Created: 15 years ago
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Help (and look out!)

I am new to blading along the Prom des Ang and find the descent from Rauba Capeu to the entrance of Castel Plage tricky. Too much speed to stop on a dime. Can anyone teach me to stop on blades....at this rate I'll never get lunch at Castel Plage, I just keep rolling by!

I am not a no-hoper. Used to ice skating au Canada, so a quick 30 minutes tuition should do. Promise to by you a drink at Ponchettes if the lesson is a success.



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Posted by Dondiego-187856 - 14 years ago

Hi, my name is Marc, i'm French , i am a pro figure skater ( on ice) , and my favorite spot to rollerblade on the promenade des anglais is... the descent from Rauba Capeu !! I have an idea, why don't we get the drink first and then... it would take your fear away and you'd find yourself cruising on the promenade... maybe  ??  Just kidding !  here's my cell : 06 32 10 48 91 have fun