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Sailing from Ireland

Posted by PoloCearbhaill - Created: 15 years ago
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Hi there,

I was hoping someone could inform me what the traffic is like for boats passing through or coming from Ireland heading towards the Mediterranean, the Baltic, anywhere in fact in September. 

Also, St George in a post from way back you said a requirement for yourself is someone who has had a recent dental check-up.  Why is this, is this common amongst captains?


Thanks,  Paul


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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 14 years ago

Do see John Carpenter in Kinsale when you go there - he has his finger very much on the pulse of things , as his grocery shop is now well known to the visiting yachts and he delivers personally - he likes to feel a teak deck on a daily basis , in season !

Good luck


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Posted by PoloCearbhaill - 14 years ago

Thanks as ever St George.  Unfortunately I'm not loaded so i was weighing up the cost of doing a Competent Crew course - the equivilant to the SCTW, as Ireland doesn't seem to do the SCTW - and seeing if I'd be able to make some back if I got work.  It's great to know there'll be some traffic.  And I might just job in on Mr Carpenter when I head for Kinsale.


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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 15 years ago

Kinsale is best for yachts coming back to Med in September - unlikely to be going to the Baltic at this time - Crosshaven is a good jump on spot as well !

The dental thing comes from personal bitter experience of crew going down mid passage , and thus incapacitated in their duties with all sorts of genuine complaints ranging from raging toothache to serious gum infections ( caused by dental decay ) ! The possible change of diet and routine may well catalyse an underlying and unsuspected problem - however , if you haven't had a check up in at least two years , and you're likely to be at sea for 3 or 4 months at a time , it makes sense to check this out before embarking , and thus not landing the other crew with covering you , especially on long passages . Most large yachts carry medical stores , apart from the obligatory kits , onboard these days , but Nurofen , Aspirin, Oil of Cloves , 90° Alchohol etc is no substitute for not having a possible problem in the first place . Only your Dentist can tell you !

I don't know what other Captains do about this ; my comments come from long experience and long sea passages , not Monte Carlo to St.Trop. and back again in a day !!