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Self defence class in Chateauneuf

Posted by will69-538180 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by rachIRL - 7 years ago

Hi Will, I'm interested for my son to join kick boxing. Is it okey to join any time or is there a certain month for the registration. And also,does he teaches tae kwondo? as I know a friend who would like to join too.


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Posted by A Breath of Fresh Air - 7 years ago

How much of this class, do you know, Will, is about practical self-defence and how much is it about the finer points and culture of the martial art?  

I ask because I seek the former but a class I atteneded in Nice tunred itself into the latter.   It had been both good fun and extraordinarily empowering until it lost track.

What level of fitness do you need?


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Posted by will69-538180 - 7 years ago

hi believe the self defence class is not for an agressive people. its  mainly to protect yourself in a street situation. pad work etc. The instructor is a 2nd degree in tae kwon do an and instructor in kick boxing. works alot on pressure points;  



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Posted by Alexis ITConnection - 7 years ago


My name is Alex I live next to chateau neuf de Grasse ( I do some self defense MMA ( Free fight ) and Krav Maga ( the best known self defense ), I do this in Pegomas but stopped because I broke my 2 ribes 1 hand etc and for my job that was not good ( but will start season 2013 ), never heard of self defense but will check this out where is this ?