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Skiing advice, please!

Posted by True_North - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by house for rent-318030 - 7 years ago

Road to Valberg is clear, I live near there. Sure if it snows while up there you will need special tyres but snow is only forecast tomorrow 1st January other days lovely sunny weather so you should be fine. Have a good day skiing.

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Posted by chb55 - 7 years ago

to drive to most ski resorts, you will need "Special Equipment" and the police will turn you away if you do not have anything. 4-wheel drive, snow tyres, or snow chains are all considered "special Equipment" so you need one or more of them to be allowed up when conditions are bad. Even when in good conditions, things can change whilst you are up there so without them you will not get back down safely. The snow plows and gritters are out keeping the roads clear but if there is an avalanche or it is snowing heavily they cannot keep up and the road is sometimes closed until they make it safe. you cannot keep driving as far as you can and then fit chains as this blocks the road where you have got stuck, so there are places where they force you to pull over and fit your chains.

my resort choice is Isola for the skiing, Auron for the better village atmosphere at night so it depends how long I am going for, if it's just the day, I go to Isola.

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Posted by juditclara - 7 years ago

A thousand thanks :-)))

Perfect, i think. Valberg just 67 km from Menton.

I prefer smaller, sweeter atmosphere, i don't need 200 km long ski slopes. I am not a professional skier, but i love skiing.

I haven't  winter tires. It is necessary to go there? or the road is always clear of snow?

thanks and best regards & happy new year!



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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 7 years ago

Valberg is attractive

most people go to Isola because its the highest & maybe best skiing, but granted it's a dive

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Posted by house for rent-318030 - 7 years ago

Try Valberg it's a nice village type ski station with lots of wooden chalets. You can look them up on internet. There's also a ski bus that goes there from Nice.

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Posted by juditclara - 7 years ago

upps, i wrote about Limone Piemonte in Italy.

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Posted by juditclara - 7 years ago


it's interesting to me, it' s a great info. from Menton less distance. You or someone  have been there? maybe have you more infos? 

thanks and if it's possible i would like to join, if anyone goes there about ski.






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Posted by teen-14236 - 7 years ago

Auron much nicer than Isola, at least for me!

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Posted by Fashion1 - 7 years ago

Purchase some snow chains or expect to be turned around.

Yes, there are 'snow buses', contact your local tourist office for details.

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Posted by stambecco - 7 years ago

Hi True North,

Limone Piemonte in Italy. You may have heard of it or know it but to get there, you go to Ventimiglia and head inland to the Col de Tende tunnel (where you may have to wait a few minutes before driving through) and it's on the other side. It's 65 km from XXmiglia. The town is small but has character. I find in general that the ski resorts in Italy have a "warmer" character. I haven't skied there but I think it's fairly cheap compared to other places. The roads have always been clear when I've driven through there in winter.

There is Val D'allos, 130 km from Nice. I haven't been there, only heard of it.

Happy skiing.