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The Côte D’Azur Exercise Challenge.

Posted by Aroncb - Created: 14 years ago
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I was part of an exercise challenge a few years ago and thought it could be an idea for us to do one here for the Côte D’Azur. 

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How it works. 


1. 100% of monies raised go to charity of our collective choice. Charity through democracy. J

2. You get sponsorship for doing any form of exercise (Of any reasonable type) over the course of a month either quantity or successful participation event. 

3.  You record said exercise in a online database.  Each exercise is effected by a multiplier.  So a 30 minute hard run scores more highly than a 30 minute stroll after a pub lunch.  But may not score more highly than a 3 hour hike etc etc etc.


Awards and recognition is given for – Highest Exercise score, Lowest, Best Excuses given, Most diverse exercise types etc.  Not big cash prizes but either donated items or little certificates with group praise J


Tthis is a virtual event – IE you do not have to see my ugly mug.  Obviously there will not be any cheating (IE false recording) as if you do you betray yourself and your sponsors (Your friends.)  and the prizes and not worth lying for...  Although the praise may be :-)


This is a win-win-win-win situation

Charity wins – It gets cash to do whatever. 

Our corporate sponsors (If we get any) win, they get exposure and a feel good factor.

Your personal sponsors win – They get a feel good factor from  donating, and for forcing you into an exercise regime J

And most importantly you win – You get fitter, you get that giving feel good, you lose weight, you lose excuses not to exercise, you do things you might not of done before, you meet people go places.


So I need you to contact me, I reckon we need at least 50 people to do it to make it worth while for a good “event”. 


So contact me to say you’ll do it….  Persuade others – tell the world, and his brother. 


And volunteer to help… we need recruiters, marketers, people who can get it mentioned on radio, people who can get it mentioned every where, people who can mention it in pubs and bars, people who want to sponsor people…  We need a trusted treasurer who won’t do a Robert Maxwell.  We need your sweaty bodies.


What do you think? Get your trainers on and your heart rate up!!


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Posted by Aroncb - 14 years ago

Hi All,

Hope you are getting your new years resolution written in time.  We'll be starting this in two weeks. Sign up now and get a form so you can get your mates to sponser you whilst they are drunk on new years eve!   


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Posted by C J Flynn - 14 years ago

Do we need to bring our own sponsors?C J Flynn

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Posted by Aroncb - 14 years ago

We are up to 20 people already..  come on you lazy lot...  Poor show out of 11571 people!!  Its for chartity Mate.... 

We are looking to launch in Jan.  Get some incentive to really make those new years resolutions stick.  For at least a month anyway :-)