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Top 3 golf courses?

Posted by leslie-179832 - Created: 14 years ago
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Can anyone please tell me the top 3 golf courses on the French Riviera? Criteria should be based on level ( difficulty) of the course, location, if it is a classy place, reputation etc....This information is for my Aunt, and these were her specifications...I know nothing about golf!  thanxs


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Posted by Audacious - 14 years ago

There are plenty, but my three favourite are:1: St. Donat in Moans Sartoux. A challenging course with plenty of hills, and a good amount of water. Great clubhouse and perfectly kept.2. Grand Bastide in Opio. Less difficult than above, flat, long but again, good clubhouse and perfectly kept.3. Valbonne-Opio. Narrow, plenty of trees, speak English. Great clubhouse, but this summer, they were plagued by the Wild Boar. Most of the fairways were torn to peices.There are so many which are good. Riviera (Mandelieu), Old Course (Mandelieu - but I heard condition has gone down the toilet).Then there are the expensive ones...always good - but pricey!Tell your aunt to check out www.rivieragolfer.com if she has internet. This has photos, prices...etc.