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Where can I buy skis?

Posted by ElCid-184930 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by fidav - 16 years ago

We have recently bought excellent skis in the Decathalon in Monaco. The guy spoke English and was very helpful. He had even tried many of the skis out on the slopes and could tell you a bit about the perfomance of each pair. He put together the best deal for the skis and fittings as well. There was a sale on .. but that was 2 weeks ago.Regards,
Fiona Crockett

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Posted by Shanwick - 16 years ago

I got all my kit from two different Decathlon stores, Grasse le plan and Nice St Isidore. On both occasions the assitant spoke better English than my poor French.

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Posted by ElCid-184930 - 16 years ago

I hired Salomon Crossmax this weekend.. superb!They were marked as being Crossmax 700, but I can't find any reference to these anywhere on the net.Would the crossmax10s be too much since they are intended for more advanced skiers.. would it ste me back to get them do you think? I've seen a place in the UK near my home where they are going for about 300quid, which I think is pretty good (including bindings).

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Posted by claband - 17 years ago


Try Intersport -they are all fairly generic and have similar offers in the group branches, but many are also franchised so will vary. EUR 250 should for instance buy a pair of Salomon Verse 6's with say C710 bindings....but from your ability rating re the reds you would want to spend more say Salamon cross max 8 up to the fantastic 10's EUR 400/450 or so -buying sooner will enhance your skiing enjoments etc and save you hire fees. If you go every weekend until the end of the season you will spend Eur 300 or so anyway for the full monty. Boots around 200-250.

Try to get the best you can afford which includes boots - you won't regret it , apart from only skiing at weekends!

Intersports website is bi-lingual

http://www.intersport.fr/ for rentals…

Wish you luck.

Kind regards

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Posted by ElCid-184930 - 17 years ago

I'm new to the area.. where/what is cap3000??

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Posted by the_geezer - 17 years ago

rental skis can be appalling. perhaps the duff ones you had had not been waxed in a while, or maybe they were too long (can't think why else they might 'flap about)..

liml is right - if you have to go to Decathlon, Mandlieu is a better bet. antibes can be very busy and claustrophic. personally i've always been happiest buying in the resorts, especially at the end of season (for skis). much better for choice and more competitive prices.

(always buy clothes at the BEGINNING of the season. it's always mutant-wear by easter)

with most skis it will probably be a case of getting what you pay for. stick to rossignol, atomic, etc the big names. no need for ultra fancy expensive ones. after all they're only going to get knackered after a while.

there are also some second hand outlets (trocs) anyone know where they are? I think there is one near Cap 3000.

happy glissing

The Geezer

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Posted by ElCid-184930 - 17 years ago

I did say I spoke little (VERY!) French.My shopping patter would be limited to "bonjour, Je cherche pour une pair du skis pour moi s-v-p. Je suis intermedairie technique."The big problem with my french is that once I've find the right words to explain what I mean, I don't understand the responses!

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 17 years ago

Why do you assume Decathlon is not the place to go?

It's getting a little late in the season to have a lot of choice but if you went to the Decathlon in Mandelieu for example, you'd get a reasonable choice, fair prices and I am pretty sure you'd get an English speaking assistant if you asked first at the Accueil.

By the way, Decathlon have superb free catalogues by department.  The "glisse" catalogue this year uses some easy to understand symbols to indicate suitability of equipment by experience/performance level.  If you can understand the catalogue to get the right type of equipment, your choice becomes one of pure price and availability.

Brefore you go, try out your shopping-patter here.  What would you like to know before buying?

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Posted by ElCid-184930 - 17 years ago

Its purely advice on skis that I want.. I have been skiing each weekend since I arrived here a month ago hiring skis each time, so I figure I'd be better off just buying a pair.I'm early intermediate standard I suppose.. . can do most reds but tackle the steep ones very carefully still.The skis I hired a couple of weeks ago were great (I've no idea what they were) and I was really flying, but last week I got a different set and they were terrible.. at speed they were flapping around.. not a nice sensation! So obviously I don't want to pile in spend the cash and then find I've bought something completely wrong (like those were!)So I want some good advice and ideally to try out a few different pairs before investing, but as I said the only shops in Isola seem to be hire-onlyAny ideas?

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Posted by the_geezer - 17 years ago

i am sure if your post your queries on the forum there is enough collective knowledge out there to guide you.

what do you need to know? best kind of ski/boot/clothing/resorts???

decathlon isn't bad, it's just got a bit of a limited selection.

The Geezer