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Where to buy hiking maps?

Posted by SirLurkalot - Created: 14 years ago
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Where’s the best place around the CdA to buy very detailed maps of France and nearby countries? If I wanted to buy the right sort of maps for hiking in Switzerland or Italy, with paths marked in detail, is there anywhere offering the kind of selection Stanfords in London sells?

I was recently looking for detailed hiking maps of Corsica, and was barely able to find anything useful here. Of course there are suitable maps available in Corsica (or Switz, Italy), but it would be nice to be able to buy the maps and plan in advance. The shops I’ve seen here sell maps of the southern French Alps and not much more.

So where’s the best shop for detailed hiking maps of other Alpine countries?

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Posted by bobr - 14 years ago


Sorry for the delay in replying, I haven't followed along for a bit.

I don't know if the IGN have "foreign" maps. I have never walked further into Italy than covered by the French map. Maybe the salespeople in the IGN shops could help you ?  



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Posted by SirLurkalot - 14 years ago


Thanks for your suggestion.  I know IGN maps well and have the local ones, but I'm interested in where to find non-local maps of Switz or Italy.  The list of shops on your link looks well worth a try.  Do those shops sell maps of other nearby countries or just French IGN ones?

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Posted by bobr - 14 years ago

The maps you want are called Top 25, with blue covers, and are produced by the I.G.N.  The local Top 25 maps are available almost anywhere. For the others check out this site for specialist shops in our area   <<www.ign.fr/affiche_rubrique.asp?rbr_id=877&lng_id=FR&dpt=06>>.

Happy hiking


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Posted by Aroncb - 14 years ago

I found some high detail maps, right down to all buildings in the region, In the Library/Bookshop in Menton.  Its in first road after the front.   

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Posted by kmdd-189863 - 14 years ago

Personally, not a clue, but try someone at Rivierahikers... maybe they can help.