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Where to buy mountaineering skis?

Posted by Taniwha - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Taniwha - 16 years ago

I'd definitely prefer the shortest skis I could get away with - they are much better on moguls, and also lighter. I'm 1.95m and 95kg - what would you say would be the shortest I could go for in freeride skis?

 Also I am in a bit of a quandary whether to go for full-on mountaineering skis, or whether to get something more polyvalent that I can also use for downhill, or whether to get full-on downhills too (and blow budget for lots of other things!). My problem is really finding a vendeur/vendeuse whose recommendation I trust. I've been to Mandelieu and Carros Decathlons several times, and spoken to several different sales-peoples who have all given me totally conflicting advice. I went to Alticoop too (thanks danimone) and they were much more confidence inspiring, but still not entirely convinced.

I was up at Auron today (snowboarding). There is not much snow but what remains is surprisingly good quality. It would have been better on skis though as one is limited to piste-bashing.

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Posted by tkw - 16 years ago

Don't sneer at the shorties...Remember both off piste and mountaineering skis are getting wider and shorter...I'm 6'2" and used to ski on 200cm, then 190cm, now I use 175cm and could go shorter if I wanted true powder skis or slalom race skis.

(wishing it would snow)


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Posted by Taniwha - 16 years ago

Thanks will try Alticoop. Neither Decathlon in Mandelieu nor Carros had them this year, and they didn't have them in Mandelieu last year (though didn't try Carros last year). Besides, Decathlon don't even have downhill skis long enough for me (they haven't cottoned on to the fact that even in France average height is no longer 5'6") so I don't think there is a hope in hell of getting decent length mountaineering skis. I know one can order, but wait is nearly a month, and besides I'd like to see what I'm getting before I hand over a fistful of readies.

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Posted by danonimes-184717 - 16 years ago

Alticoop, 3 r Caroline 06100 NiceDecathlon have them in their online catalogue http://www.decathlon.fr/Magasin/produit.asp?int_DeptId=23215&int_DeptPereId=32823&int_PfId=958539, and had them in the stores last year. Haven't looked this year. Try a different Decathlon.