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DISCUSSIONS IN Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (France)

Welcome to the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur discussions forum.

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Posted by citic-213768
Created: 5 years ago - Last reply: 2 days ago

Hi    ive been reading in the uk press how great Lidl uk wines are , well is Lidl frances wines of the same level and if not , why not ?    regards    john  ...

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Posted by topcat1
Created: 1 year ago - Last reply: 2 days ago

looking for an English speaking tennis coach to come to our home in La Colle sur Loup to teach at least one child one or two times a week from July 27 to August 20 I normally play with them but have broken my ankle and will take a while to recover so very grateful for any suggestions! ...

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Posted by fifija
Created: 6 years ago - Last reply: 2 months ago

Hi, Are there any home school groups in the area?  I am about to embark on home schooling my daughter (9) as it is not working for her in the local french school.  It would be great to beable to meet up with others doing the same. Thanks.   ...

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Posted by SteveWB
Created: 8 months ago

Nice to see you back. You took my advertising money for a year and two months later disappeared off the face of the earth. I tried email and phoning but guess what. Yup. No answer. And now you reappear like a long lost relative with not so much as a contact for and explanation. I'd just like to say thank you. Thank you. ...

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Posted by Anita Mojzisova
Created: 12 years ago

Hi Everybody,I just recently moved to Cannes.My first language is Hungarian.I speak English.I am really bored.I would love to go for a drink with you & with you & with you...........mail:mozesanita@hotmail.com I am looking for a nanny or housekeeper job in Cannes.I have 4 and a half years experience with children.I have checkable referencies.I look forward to hearing from you....

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