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Individual Therapy and Counselling

Individual and Couples Therapy and Counselling with a multi-cultural focus for the ex-pat community and those living in multi-cultural relationships. Offering a range of highly qualified support for individuals, couples, families. English, German, Farsi.

You are in an international partnership.Your family speaks several languages.Your are presently living in Berlin with your family or by yourself; this is either a permanent or temporary situation.You want to feel at home in your current environment or you suffer from feelings of loneliness, sadness, anxiety, worry or depression.

Challenging situations pose many questions whereby you may be looking for solutions and clairity. My objectives are to provide you with professional, competent Psychotherapy and Counselling in every sphere of family and couples relationships in a multinational context, as well as to ensure your personal growth.

Sessions are tailored to your specific needs and expectations.

Website: http://www.individual-therapy-berlin.com

Mail: contact@individual-therapy-berlin.de

Telephone: 0176 2317 1170


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