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Kathleen Parker

Berlin based singing teacher with teaching studios in Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte. She particularly loves teaching jazz, musical theatre, classical, and childrens songs. Beginners are especially welcome, as are advanced singers and kids from 8yrs.


Here are 13 great reasons to take singing lessons:

Your school is putting on a musical or concert in Berlin and you want to take part You want to join a Berlin choir You are engaged and want to surprise your bride with a song on your wedding day Someone just offered you a great acting role, and your character has to sing You are in a Berlin band and the harmonies on your tracks just don’t sound quite right  Your voice gets strained or scratchy when you sing and you can’t hit the high notes When you sing along to the radio, your kids block their ears You are a parent and want to do something fun together with your child You don’t trust yourself to sing outside of the shower, but you’d secretly love to You are a dancer and would like to have an edge in your auditions You notice your daughter sings songs to the cat a lot (NB this is why Kathleen’s mother first enrolled her in 1989) You want a career as a singer You want to do something just for you

Kathleen Parker is an opera singer and singing teacher based in Berlin, Germany. She divides her time between teaching
privately at a number of schools and studios in Berlin, and performing as a guest singer in productions and concerts throughout Germany.

Kathleens previous students include dancers, band singers, jazz guitarists, actors, parents, teachers, financial advisors, waiters, and nervous grooms-to-be. If you have a particular goal, please feel free to discuss it with Kathleen (first
lesson is free). If you have a favorite song you’d like to learn, just bring two copies of the sheet music along to your lesson.

Contact info@kathleenparker.info for further details, or call 0157 79326759 to organise a chat and a free trial lesson.


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