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International Practice Dr Wolff von Auer

Counselling and Hypnotherapy for individuals and couples, who experience any of the following: depression, stress, burnout, anxiety, anger, loss of self-esteem, bereavement or any other emotional issues, to improve wellbeing.

Counselling – Hypnotherapy – Psychotherapy – Couples Therapy

"Dear Dr Wolff von Auer

You are amazing! My son had seen 3 health professionals who couldn't help him overcoming worries and inner fears. After these few Psychotherapy sessions with you - my son suddenly has become a different person. Now he is full of zest for life, panic free and successful in his job! - thanks to you!      Lynn….”

Dr Wolff von Auer was living and practicing psychotherapy (Counselling) and Hypnotherapy in Asia for over 10 years. His clients were self-referred individuals (and their families) working and living in Singapore and South East Asia. He also saw many Expatriates (primarily from Europe, the UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and the US) who were attending face-to-face sessions during visits to Singapore. He has been placing highest priority on discretion and confidentiality for all his clients. Now he is offering his experience and services in English, German and Mandarin to clients mostly living in Hessen.

He supports

Adults, Couples and Families, to cope with difficult issues.

(Pain management with psychotherapy & hypnotherapy)

His Areas of Specialty include (but not limited to): Face to Face counseling/ psychotherapy/ hypnotherapy (individuals):


·         Depression, Burnout,

·          Anxiety & Anger Management

·         Panic Attacks,

·         Trauma,

·         Bereavement,

·         Eating Disorders,

·         Phobias,

·         Relationships Problems,

·         Work / Career Issues,

·         Self-Esteem Issues,

·         Sexual Problems, Self-Development, Same-Sex Counselling.

He offers (all gender) Couples counseling:  

His overall goal of couples counseling is to support people in relationships, who may consider separation or seeking improved intimacy and understanding. People in relationships seek counseling/ psychotherapy for any number of reasons from daily power struggles and communication problems to sexual dissatisfaction and infidelity. 

He offers Hypnosis as an Effective Treatment Adjunct to Psychotherapy (Counseling).

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (Counseling).

He’s using it to treat

·         Physical pain,

·          Depression,

·         Fears and phobias,

·         Panic attacks and performance anxiety,

·         Stress, burnout,

·         Eating and sleeping disorders,

·         Posttraumatic stress disorder,

·         …and other psychological problems.

Hypnotherapy also can also be utilized for significantly reducing anxiety during a pre-operativeperiod. Pain management can be incorporated post operatively for medical and dental procedures, enhancing mental health and well -being, increasing the healing process more rapidly.

Hypnosis is very safe and used by many health care professionals such as doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists and dental surgeons throughout the world on a daily basis.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is the kind of clinical hypnotherapy most frequently practiced in psychotherapy today.


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