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Isabel Bommer

Isabel Bommer is a practitioner for psychotherapy, supporting English and Spanish speaking clients. Trained gestalt therapist accepting private pay. At Löwengasse 14, 60385 Frankfurt am Main.

Hey you. What brings you here?

Is it a feeling you cant explain? A thing or person you miss? An experience that is difficult to cope with? A quality of being, esteem or (self) confidence you lack? Im sure there is something you want to change. And some things you don't want to change. What if we succeed?

I would be honored by your trust to share your thoughts and trouble with me - so that, with my profession and all my heart, we can team to work it out. That you can free resources, grow your strengths and live life more your way.

Since 2003, I have been working as a practitioner for Gestalt Therapy (ECP), Hypnosis (Erickson) and Systemic Therapy in Frankfurt, supporting individuals and couples in German, English and Spanish.

What does this mean? More love. More sense. More yourself.

Gestalt Therapy focuses on exploring the ways you perceive and explain the world. What do you see? What do you feel? How do you associate perceptions?  In my sessions, we work with the patterns and figures (German: Gestalt) you derive and build your decisions and actions on. I am convinced: Most behaviours are competent answers. We make them more productive and create more suitable ones for here and now.

So Gestalt Therapy is about new experiences, growing confidence, finding new ways of being and relating with others. For a self-defined and mindful way of living.   

To start your personal change,just mail or call 069-79 30 99 80.

For remote sessions, please check Skype Therapies or 
skype me directly: ibommer

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Lots of room for personal growth: Heilpraxis für Psychotherapie, Löwengasse 14, 60385 Frankfurt



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