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Real Estate in Border Areas

Special permission is required for the acquisition of real estate situated in border areas (even by Greek residents) as follows:

  • For Greek and EU residents such permission is granted by a special committee (composed of the General Secretary of the relevant county and one representative from the Ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs, National Economy, Public Order and Agriculture respectively) following an application by the prospective buyer. The permission requires a majority vote of the Committee members which must include the positive vote of the representative of the Ministry of Defence
  • For non-EU residents, the definition of border areas is expanded and the procedure and conditions for obtaining permission (which in such cases is granted by the Minister of Defence) is more burdensome. The application for the lifting of the prohibition by non-EU residents should be accompanied by various documents related both to the prospective buyer (for example, CV, passport, birth certificate, criminal record, company profile, other company details and documents as appropriate) and to the real estate (for example, detailed description, purpose of purchase, survey plan, plan of larger area)