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Mark Tinley - Solution Counselling

Counselling in Central, Hong Kong

Stuck, Frustrated, Uncertain? Is the problem not getting better despite your best efforts. Counselling can help!

Counselling helps by developing new ways of looking at the issue, gaining a better understanding of the situation, learning new ways of thinking and exploring other options and choices. All with the aim to get unstuck from the old unproductive pattern and move forward.

People can and do change, and you can too. It is like most problems, if you ignore it, nothing changes (or it gets worse). But if you focus on it and work for a positive change, it does happen.

I focus on:

- Individuals (relationships, career, depressed, anxious, want something else)
- Couples (find hope and healing, because relationships shouldn't hurt)
- Family (improved relationships between children and parents)
- Mid-Life (bored, wondering what's next, in crisis).

Call and let's have a conversation to see how counselling can help and how I would work to address the problem. At the very least it will give you a few ideas.



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6 months ago