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BottlesXO is your solution for all wine and beer-related emergencies. Click, download the app and use the code BXOANG for $40 off your first order.

Download the app here.

Our service

Whether you run out of drinks at a dinner party, need refreshment at a picnic in the park or just need a great bottle at a restaurant, we’ll deliver when you need them at perfect drinking temperature. There’s no minimum order or delivery fee, and you’ll have your bottles in 60 minutes or less (actually, our average delivery time is less than 30).

Our selection

Our selection offers a range of high quality fine wines and beers. These are bottles you can trust: delicious, crafted and never mass-produced, plus carefully curated to make your choice effortless.

Our producers

We personally travel through Europe to meet producers and select the finest bottles from independent vineyards and breweries. All are passionate in their craft, mindful of their environment and have an awesome story to tell.

Our app

Our cutting-edge app means you can follow your order with GPS tracking, access exclusive flash sales and promotions, and even find food-pairing suggestions for your bottles.

Our community

Sample and learn about our whole selection at our regular wine tastings, either at our own brick-and-mortar XO Bar in Shanghai or at frequent pop-up events in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Suzhou.

With BottlesXO, anyone has instant access to excellent bottles of wine or beer right in their pocket. Enjoying a good drink has never been so easy.. Download the app here.


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