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DELHI (India)

Delhi has been the capital of India since 1947 and although New Delhi has its serious air-pollution issues, this city is surprisingly one of the greenest cities in the world having about 20% of its landmass covered by forests. It is astonishing to know that the entire public transportation system of this fascinating city runs on environment-friendly Compressed Natural Gas and manages the largest group of eco-friendly CNG buses of the world.

The Metro in New Delhi is popular, efficient, punctual and clean and Delhi-ites are proud of it. In addition, New Delhi's Khari Baoli Market is Asia's largest wholesale spice market. So if you love spiced food, then this market will be a paradise for your culinary drives. Growth of advanced infrastructure, all the new avenues of business and employment have also beckoned people from all the major parts of the country to migrate to the capital city in search of better livelihood. Because of this huge migration of people from other countries, Delhi-ites are helpful, cheerful, modern but also rooted to their traditions, and treat their guests with great honour and respect.

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Delhi has one of the largest public transportation systems in India.