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DISCUSSIONS IN Florence (Italy)

Welcome to the Florence discussions forum.

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Latest Discussions

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Posted by sweet apple pie
Created: 4 years ago - Last reply: 3 days ago

Can anyone recommend pre-natal yoga classes in Florence?...

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Posted by FOPCYN
Created: 3 years ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

My name is Cynthia and I am American.  I've been living in Tuscany since 1994. I've been working for a professional training agency that offers English language training and I am the current Director of the Special Lang. Programs Dept. The Institution is called: Istituto Formazione Franchi. We have been teaching English conversation evening courses at a Pubblic High School in Grosseto  since 2010.  In September 2015,...

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Posted by Stéphanie Amstutz
Created: 1 year ago

Hi everyone, My mother and myself are searching about a house/appartment for free for one week in August (18.08.2018-25.08.2018). We are coming from Switzerland and want to have some fun and calm in family (the both). So if you know something or someone, please don't hesitate to contact me :)) Wish you a good week ! Stéphanie ...

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Posted by karen-faulkner-918363
Created: 1 year ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

Hi, is there an English speaking lawyer or a law center that provides free legal assistance or advice on a medical malpractice case in Florence? ...

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Posted by andyb-769046
Created: 1 year ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

Hi Can anyone help. I want to convert my UK licence to Italian, what are the pros and cons? How difficult is it? Also I have been told that to convert it, will require my licence being sent away for 3 weeks or so, is this the case and how can I drive legally in the meantime? All help appreciated ...

Replies: 3