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Posted by Mo06
Created: 1 year ago

Hello, can anyone living in Italy tell me if Colchicine is available at pharmacies over the counter in Italy ? ...

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Posted by Azur Sport
Created: 1 year ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

Sunday, April 15 2018 WILL BE THE 10TH EDITION FOR NIÇOISE HARIBO. RETURN ON THE PROM FOR THIS 100% FEMININE 5 KM SOLIDARITY TEST THAT SUPPORTS THE FIGHT AGAINST CANCER! € 1 will be donated to each registration to the Cancer League for support in the fight against breast cancer. The National League Against Cancer celebrates 100 years! The race is also open to disguised men! More information on our official website ht...

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Posted by Julian
Created: 1 year ago

Hi Could anyone recommend an Italian classic car insurance co to get temporary EU insurance and who speaks English? I am visiting N. Italy and plan to buy / drive a classic Lancia back to the UK. Is it possible for a non EU resident (65 + &retired) to buy / register and insure a classic car within a week? What is the registration process + where to do it and approximate cost + documents I need? I will need the ...

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Posted by Karen-381938
Created: 2 years ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

Hope you don't mind a Brittany member posting for info on here. As said we live in France but are travelling to Italy at the end of the month for a holiday. Have been trying to find out information on whether we will need adaptors for the electrical items we are taking, laptop ,camera, chargers etc. Some of our items have the flat 2-pinned plugs and others have the round plugs with 2 pins and a hole for the earth con...

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Posted by Paolo-Giacobbe-864642
Created: 3 years ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

Hi, I'm Italian that lives in Milan, I'm looking for somebody who is interested in Italian-English language exchange. Thank you, kind regards, Paolo   ...

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