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International Family Law – Italy LLP

US Embassy (Barberini). American & Italian Counsel. International Family law, Hague, Marriage, Divorce, Custody, Alimony, Cohabitation, Foreign investment/claims, Wills, Estate management. Representation primarily throughout Italy, the US & UK.

Barberini metro (US Embassy)

Working languages: English, Italian & French, Spanish comprehension


Our office is specialized in international litigation.

Focusing primarily on family law, the office handles matters under the Hague Convention (international parental kidnapping), Marriage, Divorce, Custody, Adoption, Cohabitation rights, Wills, Estate Management and Labor Law.


Our office is comprised of Attorneys from:

-      New York City - Ms. Miklos specializes in Hague, ADR, International and American Family Law & American investments.

As an actual expat, Ms. Miklos provides an understanding to our clients difficult to find elsewhere. Her experience in the U.S. military and law practice in NYC make her a formidable adversary in litigation.


-       Rome - Mr. Vasi specializes in Italian family law as well as complex civil litigation.

Mr. Vasi brings nearly 40 years of practice before the Italian bench, from Italian adoptions & child custody to International Civil Damages, Contracts, Collections, Criminal Law, Labor Relations, Automobile Accidents and Trademarks/Copyrights.


-       Rome - Ms. Rossi specializes in Italian family law and victims of domestic abuse (both genders).

Prior to her career as legal counsel, Ms. Rossi was a pioneer of victims’ rights; mediating and negotiating reforms in an archaic and bureaucratic system. An honorary legal advisor to the Peruvian Consulate, she continues to assists clients underserved.


Translation Services as well as English & Italian Child Psychologists are available through our office

Steps from the US Embassy make appointments effortless

Native attorneys know what rights and options you have, including rights in your home country.

Native attorneys ensure no errors quite commonly made by non-native attorneys who merely speak a second language. Ex: the only acceptable US notary when abroad is within a US Embassy or via an approved Apostille. Not knowing a foreign system (here USA), in an international matter can cause significant unnecessary cost and delay or worse.


Angloinfo discount if mentioned in inquiry.


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