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Orange Luxembourg covers 99% of the population offering mobile, landline, TV and internet services from 18 shops spread all over the territory of Luxembourg. 

At Orange, our philosophy is simple. We believe in the power of collaboration, the power of combined human strength in order to be more and to achieve more. Through providing innovative solutions that meet todays communication needs, we aim to break down the physical barriers to communication and the distances created by different cultures, countries and nationalities thus leaving us free to connect, collaborate and co-create in a simpler and more collaborative way than ever before. At Orange, we believe that together we can do more.

Our Values

We are direct and easy to understand. We keep things simple. We focus only on whats important. honest
We are open. We say what we do and we do what we say. We are happy to share. refreshing
We are brave. We dare to do things differently, to find a better way. We give colour to all that we do. dynamic
We are passionate, confident and focused on the future. We push the boundaries. We make a difference to peoples lives. friendly
We take the time to listen. We treat everyone as individuals. We enjoy working and succeeding together. 

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38 Route d'Esch, 1470 Luxembourg

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