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Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center

Center offering a wide range of courses, from evening classes to seminars and University degrees. Located at 13, rue de Bragance, L-1255 Luxembourg.

Chamber of employees:

A necessary institution to defend employees’ interests in Luxembourg

The Chamber of Employees (Chambre des salariés, CSL), has about 400.000 adherents. Any employee or pensioner in Luxembourg, who does not have the status of civil servant or public employee, is automatically an affiliate of the Chamber of Employees, irrespective of his or her nationality or place of residence. The CSL plays a major role in the consultation process regarding national legislative procedures. The CSL publishes documentation on legal issues regarding labour law, social security law as well as viewpoints and opinions on economic and social topics. Down load for free the publications. The CSL appoints the employee and retiree representatives within the Caisse nationale de santé (National Health System), the Assurance pension (Retirement insurance), the labour court and the social security jurisdictions. Further education for adults is one of the main activities of the CSL. the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center (LLLC), the further education center of the CSL.

Ever since this center was created for 41 years ago, the CSL has registered more than 140,000 trainees for all training courses combined. It proposes a large panel of:

Evening courses, Seminars, University studies (bachelors and masters degrees) Certifications (online testing)

 Chambre des salariés

18, rue August Lumière, L-1950 Luxembourg, Tel : 27 494 200

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27 49 46 00

13 rue de Bragance Luxembourg Luxembourg L-1255 LU

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