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NT2 Digitaal

Dutch language courses in Amsterdam (and other expat cities) for small groups or in private. Courses based on your personal goals, skills & availability. For the state exam, integration, etc. Online lessons via Skype. Free trial lesson.

We are here to help you improve your Dutch, for you to integrate better and more quickly into the Dutch society and work environment.
Why NT2 Digitaal?

Only certified teachers Small groups   Personalized lessons to suit your goals Online lessons via Skype available Flexible hours to adjust to your schedule Also available in Diemen, Utrecht, Apeldoorn, etc. Newest teaching methods, books and learning material Professional exams to test your language development and progress Option to participate in excursions to museums other cultural activities  We can also help you pair up with a language buddy or help you find an internship at a company

Are you ready to take the first step toward a better Dutch with NT2 Digitaal? Let´s begin!


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2 years ago