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An easy and affordable way to rent bikes in Amsterdam. Free wifi, tea and coffee. Rent and go or take a bike tour with a guide - A fun and healthy way to explore the city. At : Tesselschadestraat 1E Amsterdam (entrance Vodelpark) and at Toking 105, Amsterdam (next to Dam Square) Enjoy Amsterdam!

Do you want to experience Amsterdam as a real "Amsterdammer"? The best way to do that is by bike. In the capital city of the Netherlands you will find more than a million bikes. Thats actually not so strange, as cycling in Amsterdam is quick, cheap and above all, fun: youll easily end up in the craziest places. You can rent a bike for one hour or for the rest of your life and all options in between, whatever you would like.

Our bikes are in tiptop shape and ready to show you the city. Do you want to be sure there is a bike for you? Click here to make a reservation. In our shop you will find the most fantastic bike routes around the city. Thanks to our free Wi-Fi you can also download them onto your smart phone and use them when en route. If you have planned ahead and already studied them at home, enjoy a free coffee and browse through our available souvenirs. It will be difficult to resist them.

Only here: Has it been a while since you last rode a bike? No problem! Especially for you we have developed a written refresher course. They are free, but there is only a limited number available.



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