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Drinking Age

Posted by Zippo-835669 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by All Calced Up - 4 years ago

Same with underage pregnancy and the age of consent. There's eveidence to suggest that the higher it is the more likely kids are to have 'accidents'!

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Posted by Oggmonster - 4 years ago

I think the fact alcohol is strictly prohibited is like the holy grail to kids in the UK. Tell a child that they can't have it and it just makes them want it more - depite the fact they probably hate the taste!

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Posted by Mirren-835618 - 4 years ago

There is a little info on the drinking age but personally I was brought up in a family where children were allowed a little wine and water with meals from an early age, never have i nor my siblings over indulged and think that this is because we were introduced it gradually and not at 18.


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Posted by Ozziegrrl - 4 years ago

Hey Zippo,

Weirdly, the UK is the only country in the world that has a minimum legal drinking age at home. I think it was something ridiculous like six years old!

Children can legally drink at home in the Netherlands. They just can't buy their own. A convenient excuse for them right?  ;-)