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DISCUSSIONS IN Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Welcome to the Amsterdam discussions forum.

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Posted by visitor-836866
Created: 7 years ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

I will be visiting Amsterdam for several weeks (from UK) and in the past have tended to use my debit card to buy things and draw cash from ATMs. However this seems to be an expensive process - my bank charges me £2.50 each time and their exchange rate is pretty poor. Can anyone suggest a cheaper way of dealing with day-to-day spending?...

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Posted by charlotte-836854
Created: 7 years ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

Mummies learn Dutch together with their 0-4 year olds, eat designer cupcakes, and have fun! Starting May 10, 2012.....expat2holland has teamed up with a professional bilingual IB certified Dutch Teacher and an amazing designer cupcake baker to present the first of its kind. A Mum's learn Dutch, coffee morning style class which is a great way to network with other expat mothers and their babies wanting to learn Dutch ...

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Posted by Pace
Created: 2 years ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

Hey all, So I'm looking for a little advice. I have just moved to the Netherlands with my wife. We are both registered and are legally allowed to work here. My wife and I work as photographers together, but my wife also work's as a model. Here is my question:- Is it necessary for both of us to register as freelancers, or can we register our business together as one entity. When my wife is modelling she is paid throu...

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Posted by Cheesefan
Created: 1 year ago

Can anyone recommend a good company to convert my roof into a sun deck ? I know the sun part is optimistic....but I would like to start a rooftop garden and at least there will be lots of water ! ...

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Posted by Alana-Harber-879179
Created: 2 years ago - Last reply: 2 years ago

This is on behalf of my cousin who is growing a rooftop garden. She just started it a month ago but she finds water leaks in her ceiling. Can you suggest me tips and tactics to maintain a rooftop garden? The construction dates back to 15 years. All inputs invited. ...

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