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ROTTERDAM (Netherlands)

It's only an hour away from the capital and yet, Rotterdam, the Netherland's 2nd city couldn't be more different. Beginning life as a fishing village, it grew rapidly and was first granted city status in 1340 by Willem IV. Today it boasts the skyline of a thriving city that can't be found anywhere else in the Netherlands. Located near the country's western coastline, a large shipping canal joins Rotterdam to the North Sea at Hook of Holland. Its position allows residents to get to Brussels in just over an hour and Paris in two and a half.

The nearby Kinderdijk and Biesbosch national park provide an escape from city life on weekends. Life sciences, Energy production, Logistics and Tech are all strong industries in Rotterdam and with rents cheaper than the capital, it's a solid choice for career expats in the Netherlands.

Did you know


It can't be said that the Dutch aren't friendly to foreigners. In 1974, Rotterdam's main football club Feijenoord, changed its name to Feyenoord so that non-Dutchies could pronounce it easier.