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Personal pet care in The Hague area including dog walking in small groups or solo walks, cat sitting at home, attending older/sickly pets, giving medication, feedings, in-home vacation care. Lindelaan 83 in Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland

The Animal Nanny | Personal Pet Care 

The bond between humans and animals is often special and profound, which makes it difficult to entrust another with providing care. The Animal Nanny understands this better than anyone and realizes the great responsibility which comes with it. This is why we offer full "Personal Pet Care": attention for your pet, provided with expertise and confidence, personalized to your needs as an expat.



  Dog Walking One-on-One

Do you want to give your dog a real VIP treat? Solo-walks are great for dog’s who don’t like (or get stressed) to walk in a group or need more guidance and attention. During a solo walk we’ll walk individual with your dog, so we can give him all the attention he deserves, a real treat for your dog!You can book a solo-walk from 30, 45 or 60 minutes (or longer if you like) and can be arranged for any time of the day and also in the evening and during weekends and holidays.Solo walks are also ideal for puppies, elderly and sick dogs, for some extra attention or as a last-minute solution.

  Dog Walking in Small Group

We walk with small groups, no more than 7 dogs per walk. Your dog will be picked up at your home (if necessary, a key contract can be established). After all dogs in the group are picked up, we drive to the specific walk location. Different walk routes are used based on the pickup locations of each group. The Nanny is with your dog for approximately an hour. During the walk your dog gets lots of attention and guidance and the whole group is continuously monitored. Back in the car, the dogs are provided with water. If they have gotten wet and/or dirty, they are rinsed, dried before arriving home tired but satisfied. Feeding is possible on drop off.

  Pet Sitting

Cats/Rabbits/Guinea Pigs/Birds/etc.: The Nanny visits once or multiple times a day depending on your request. A home visit can be from 15 minutes up to an hour, during the visit, your pet is fed, gets fresh water, has litter box or cage cleaned and is given much deserved attention.



Before the Nanny can provide care for your pet or take your dog for a walk, an appointment is set for a free consultation. During the meeting, your needs are discussed and hopefully an agreement is possible. Additional administrative matters will be also be addressed, such as: insurance, vaccinations, key contract (if applicable) and questions regarding the Terms and Conditions will be answered.

If you urgently need a Nanny? Do not worry! The required information can be discussed by phone.



The Animal Nanny offers pet care services in the following areas:



The Hague - The Hague Center



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