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An educational program in The Hague which aims to take advantage of the extensive knowledge bank and varied cultural experiences of the city's large expat population by sharing it with local students through class presentations, hands on activities, conversation groups and other interactions.  

With The Hague being such an international city (more than half the city's residents have a foreign background), an educational platform was introduced in 2013 as a way of sharing this unique world knowledge bank with those who can benefit the most by it, local students. 

The project, called ‘The World in Your Classroom’, brings together internationals living in The Hague who are willing to donate some of their time to give guest lectures in local high school classrooms in either English or their native language, such as French, Spanish or German. The presentations provide Dutch students with firsthand knowledge about various aspects of the presenter's native country, such as its culture, economy, current affairs, history and/or geography. 

Last year more than 100 international residents participated in the programme, giving students at nearly 20 different schools a unique opportunity to broaden their horizons and to practice their language skills in a fun way. Most guest lectures will be given in November and December, although a few schools schedule the presentations as late as February. 

Training is provided which will help you to develop the most engaging presentation for your audience (students ages 13-17 years old).

Other activities coordinated through 'The World in Your Classroom' program include leading a language conversation session (in French, German or Spanish) or being an examiner for a language village (in English, French or Spanish).  

Are you willing to share your knowledge of your native country and language with local students? You can register your interest in 'The World in Your Classroom' program HERE.

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