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ACCESS offers free face-to-face walk-up assistance to newly arriving expats and members of the international community in Holland. The Help Desk is located in The Hague International Centre (City Hall Atrium) and open Monday to Friday 09:0017:00.


ACCESS is a non-profit organization based in The Hague which has been helping the international community in the Netherlands for 30 years. Volunteers from ACCESS staff various expat desks in the country including at The Hague International Centre, Expat Center Leiden, Amsterdam Expat Center and Utrecht Expat Center.

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ACCESS Quarterly Magazine

ACCESS publishes a quarterly magazine for the international community in the Netherlands, at the beginning of March, June, September and December. The magazine is possible because of the hard work put in by our expat volunteers. You can read the magazine online, download a PDF version or pick up a copy at a local expat center or international school. ACCESS MAGAZINE

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ACCESS Counselling Service Network

Counsellors on call every month to provide a free referral service. Information about the service and on-call counsellors.


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Phone Number

Spui 70, 2511 BT The Hague

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