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Accountants in The Hague area (Delft) offering payroll processing, accounting, auditing, tax advice and return preparation services (income taxes and VAT filings). International department for English-speakers. Olof Palmestraat 24, 2616 LS Delft.

AAme Accountants, based in Delft, Zuid Holland, offers financial services in accounting, administration, international and national taxes, payroll processing, mediation, employment law, grants, work permits and the highly skilled migrant scheme (including the 30% rule),  A1 certificates etc.

Client services are offered to both individuals and businesses throughout the Netherlands.


All the residents of the Netherlands are liable for Income Tax, but obviously a person is only liable for Income Tax if he/she earns an income. Residents of the Netherlands (domestic taxpayers) have to pay Income Tax on their income, wherever in the world they have earned it. If you are not a resident of the Netherlands (foreign taxpayers) and you earn income in the Netherlands, these Dutch revenues fall under the taxability for Income Tax purposes.

AAme Tax Advisers highly values the relationship with its clients. Personal contact and trust are just as important for us as for you and we always strive for a long-term relationship with our clients.

If your tax return Income Tax is prepared by AAme Tax Advisers, you will (if applicable) receive appropriate advice in respect of the optimisation of your revenues. During the preparation of your Income Tax Return, we will verify, amongst others, whether or not you are eligible for allowances, such as the Healthcare Allowance or the Childcare Allowance and whether or not you are eligible for averaging.




Aame can help your company with strong financial services and advice. These include:


Handling your accounting administration Preparation of your annual financial statement Preparation of your quarterly VAT tax return Accounting and business economics advice Project auditing

Tax Advice

Corporation Tax Value Added Tax Wage Tax

Payroll Advice

Payroll administration Work permits 30% scheme

Aame Solutions

Working with contractors Working with freelancers Contract management


For more information, please contact

Quintin Eadie, Manager Aame Tax Advisers at +31 (0)15 820 0069 or by email.
Frank de Groot, Manager Aame Salary Advisers and Aame Solutions at +31 (0)15 820  0038 or by email.



Aame Accountants

Olof Palmestraat 24, 2616 LS Delft 

Telelphone: +31 (0)15 2158815  |  Email: info@Aame.nl


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