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Apartment rentals for expats in The Hague area, including search of NVM property inventory to find homes or flats matching needs of the client. Letting and management services for owners of units (landlords). Javastraat 98A, 2585 AV Den Haag.



Rijnbeek Estate Agents have a long history of helping incoming and outgoing expats in The Hague.

For incoming expats, securing the right property for rental during your stay in Holland can be a challenge, especially if you have not yet arrived in the Netherlands. Rijnbeek Estate Agents can assist you in finding and securing an apartment (studio, flat, one or more bedrooms) rental in The Hague or home (free-standing estate, villa, semi-private townhouses) which is furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished.

Neighborhoods in and around The Hague which are popular with expatriates include the Statenkwartier, Archipel, Arensdorp, BelgischPark,  Benoordenhout,  Bezuidenhout,  City Centre,  Duinzigt,  Kijkduin,  Loosduinen,  Mariahoeve,  Scheveningen,  Westbroekpark,  Willemspark, Zeeheldenkwartier,  Delft, Rijswijk, Voorburg, Wassenaar.

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