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Dressed in cultural landmarks and wildlife reserves, Nigeria sits on the Gulf of Guinea, bordering Cameroon and Benin. Like most of Africa, Nigeria hosts fruitful nature and rare primates especially in the protected areas such as the Cross River Natural Park and the Yankari National Park. Here you can explore waterfalls, savannahs and rich rainforests.

Although it is home to expansive parks, it is also the most populous nation in Africa with every fifth African being Nigerian. The city of Lagos, located in the South of the country is a powerhouse of industry, restaurants and a bursting art scene. Layered cultures and religions are prevalent in this densely populated area making it a country of high-intensity, from its cities to its flea and food markets.

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Multilingual and multicultural, the country has more than 500 different ethnic groups. The three major tribes are the Ibo, the Hausa-Fulani and the Yoruba. Although the official language is English, there are over 600 distinct ethnic languages spoken in Nigeria.