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DISCUSSIONS IN Faro (Portugal)

Welcome to the Faro discussions forum.

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Latest Discussions

Posted by johnraposowarren
Created: 2 days ago

3 months old female chihuahua . Lagos area. 350 euros . first vaccination done. pics available light brown clour ...

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Posted by Stéphanie Amstutz
Created: 1 week ago

Hi everyone, My mother and myself are searching about a house/appartment for free for one week in August (18.08.2018-25.08.2018). We are coming from Switzerland and want to have some fun and calm in family (the both). So if you know something or someone, please don't hesitate to contact me :)) Wish you a good week ! Stéphanie ...

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Posted by Marieke
Created: 2 weeks ago

Hello there, I am looking into the possibilities of operating my business (a shop) from home - having a location on my property for this purpose, where I can also offer my goods for sale. Can anyone tell me when it is possible to do this? So what is needed for this in order to be able to also have a business location on my property? Currently I don't have property in Portugal as yet. I am looking at the possibilities...

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Posted by Alice
Created: 2 weeks ago

I'm newly married and will come here to welcome another small member of the house. At first I did not know what to prepare Please share your experience with me on this issue ...

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Posted by Graeme Rolfe
Created: 2 weeks ago

I'm hoping to buy in the Vale do Lobo/Quinta do Lago area and see a number of suitable properties but would like to approach the owners directly to see if they are interested in selling. Any ideas on how to find out who owns the properties would be greatly appreciated. ...

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Posted by Zena
Created: 3 weeks ago

I am selling my car, I have downloaded the documento unico Automóvel form so I can transfer my car details over... is there any way of understanding this form in English ? many thanks ...

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Posted by Hermes-640941
Created: 3 weeks ago

Am thinking of relocating to the Algarve - anywhere from Lagos to Vila Real - after 15 years in France. Any recommendations for estate/letting agents who specialise in long term rentals. Or, any local sites I can look at similar to Le BonCoin in France. Have gone cross eyed going through agency websites to find they only do holiday lettings. Many thanks ...

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Posted by Yasmin-928820
Created: 1 month ago - Last reply: 4 weeks ago

Hi, I am UK resident and employed in the UK. We have property in Portugal which we rent out and pay income tax on in Portugal and the UK. My accountant in Portugal advises that I need to provide evidence to the Portuguese authorities that I pay NI in the UK in order to avoid paying social security in Portugal. The accountant advised that I need to provide a A1/E101 form. Having spoken to HMRC they advised that th...

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Posted by Verinia
Created: 11 months ago - Last reply: 1 month ago

I  have a financial question.We are tax residents in portugal.We have a rental flat in the UKon an interest only mortgage which for the last 7 years, we haven't made any income on, as the interest only mortgage and expenses have been more than the rental income. Recently, last year in fact,  they changed the law in the Uk to make all income from rental be seen as being taxable, whereas in the past we could offset our...

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Posted by Deborah
Created: 1 month ago

I am conducting my PhD research in Intercultural Psychology and I am looking for retired foreigners who currently live in / around Tavira to participate in focus groups. They will happen on June 3rd and 4th in Tavira, from 10 am to 12 pm. Participation is confidential and participants will receive a voucher worth 10euros. Please contact me at: ddbhe@iscte-iul.pt. Thanks! ...

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