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Inês Moreira Rato, Couples and Family Counselling

Trained and with experience in the USA and the UK. Works with individuals, couples and families who are experiencing emotional and relational difficulties and cultural transitions. 


Inês started her career in Chicago, USA where she studied counselling and worked with Latin American couples and families. 

She continued her training in London where she completed an MSc in Family Therapy at King’s College.

Having initially worked with families affected by substance use in the context of the UK National Health System, Inês continued her career with a Child and Adolescence Mental Health Service (CAMHS), where she worked clinically with families when a child presented with a difficulty, as well as delivering parenting courses and supporting other professionals who worked with children. In 2012, she returned to her native Portugal where she works at the Psychology Department of Park International School, leads parenting groups and has a private practice working with couples, individuals and families. 


Adult Clinic:

Couples' Therapy
Family TherapyAdult Psychotherapy

Child and Adolescent Clinic:

Parenting Counselling
Early Intervention clinic (0-5 years old)Adolescent Clinic


Family and Systemic Psychotherapist

Accredited Supervisor in Systemic Psychotherapy

MSc in Family Therapy

MEd in Human Services and Counselling

Member of the United Kingdom Confederation of Psychotherapists

Member of the Portuguese Society of Family Therapy

Member of the European Association of Family Therapy

Member of European Association of Psychotherapists

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