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Pedro Oliveira PhD - Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology

Psychologist for individuals and families, children to senior adults. Portuguese and English spoken. Registered with the Portuguese Order of Psychologists (nº 9044 ), with a PhD in the Human Sciences completed at Brunel University, London. Avenida Infante Santo, 347, 1 Drt. 1350-177 Lisbon - near CUF hospital

I am a clinical psychologist trained at the University of Coimbra, member of the Portuguese Order of Psychologists (9044), and hold a Doctorate in the Human Sciences focusing on cultural diversity (Brunel University, 2006). As a therapy client in the past, I have first-hand knowledge of what it feels like to be on both sides of a therapy session. I use that knowledge to shape and customize my interventions with individual clients, couples and families.

A solid background of work experience in Portugal and the UK (Tavistock/WLMHT) allows me to offer psychotherapy in English and Portuguese. I feel equally at home working through the problems posed by Portuguese culture and the problems of Anglo-Saxon cultures, not to mention their intersection with mental health. My expertise in cultural diversity allows me to tackle problems related to migration, cultural adaptation and expatriation in ways that are clear and action-oriented.

My approach

In psychology, as in most things in life, there is no one-size-fits-all model. With a psychodynamic and systemic orientation at the base of my practice (meaning by this that I believe in really understanding your “history” and how you relate to significant others in depth), I keep an open mind to different models, orientations and ways of working. My priority is to help YOU over defending a model. You can get more information on my approach on my website.


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