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Beyond Social Services

Voluntary-welfare organisation working with young people and their families in underprivileged local communities. Open to volunteers and corporate sponsors. Drop in and come and get to know us better! 26 Jalan Klinik, #01-42/52, Singapore 160026.

Beyond Social Services’ mission is to help curb delinquency among disadvantaged young people and their families and to move them beyond their problems. We want to develop young people who respect the law, value education and seek to become responsible persons. This involves working to keep families together, supporting parents in care for their children and assisting youths where crisis situations emerge and they find themselves in trouble with the authorities.

Beyond also works towards the sustainability of competent communities where its members look out for each other’s wellbeing, by connecting and nurturing relationships within segments of the population.

Believing that people have the ability to help themselves and can successfully reach their goals despite their disadvantages, Beyond take a long-term view and focus on impacting young lives by providing them access to social, educational and community support programmes through collaborative partnerships with other individuals, groups or organisations. 

Do visit www.beyond.org.sg for more details


How to Help

You can help in a variety of ways. Beyond accepts donations from individual and corporate sponsors - funds collected contribute to assisting with a childs education, care and guidance, options also to adopt a programme or sponsor an event. Individual donations through SG Gives. Sponsors may contact Jolene (63752940) / jolene@beyond.org.sg.

Beyond also depends on network of volunteers to assist in the many activities and programmes they run. Multiple roles are available for volunteers, whether direct, involving active engagement with the community, or indirect services, using skills to assist in the organisation’s day-to-day operations, with scope for ad-hoc and regular volunteering activities.

Do visit www.beyondself.sg for more details on volunteer opportunities

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The programmes that Beyond Social Services run operate along a continuum of Problem De-escalation, Family Strengthening and Community Integration

Healthy Start Child Development Centre

An early childhood programme for children below 6 years old with developmental and learning needs which have been hindered by social disadvantages. The programme aims to prepare them to enter mainstream primary school.

Learning Is Fun & Exciting (LIFE Programme)

A programme that aims to help children who are facing multiple challenges, to attain their age appropriate literacy and numeracy levels so that they may have a fighting chance to further their education.

Youth United

An outreach programme for youths residing or hanging around lower-income neighbourhoods, seeking to curb delinquency, anti-social and other harmful behavior.

Beautiful People

Mentoring and group activities to build valuable relationships for teenage girls, teaching them key life-skills.

Juvenile Justice in the Community

An initiative seeking restorative resolutions when youths find themselves in trouble, also working to keep young people out of the juvenile justice system through advocacy, family work and support and supervision from within the community. 

Family Learning Centre

A space providing guidance, resources and a restful environment for families to work through their difficulties and achieve a sense of stability and wellbeing.

Hope Scheme

A scheme for families with little access to resources to improve their work skills, increase family income and better provide for the educational needs of their children.

For more details on the programmes, visit www.beyond.org.sg

Beyond Social Services

26 Jalan Klinik, #01-42/52, Singapore 160026.

Phone: 6375 2940

Fax: 6274 0633


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