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SEOUL (South Korea)

The capital of the Republic of Korea (commonly identified as “South Korea”) is well-known for its K- Pop Music and the mix between majestic ancient temples and palaces, and hi-tech metros and astonishing skyscrapers. This megacity is like a volcano in eruption, full of sparkling nightlife, Korean pop stars idols and spiced cuisine. Seoul mirror’s South Korea’s population, ethnically and linguistically, so don’t be suprised if expats are being stared at by some local people while taking a walk (especially outside Seoul in small villages or towns).

Koreans are shy, friendly and have high standards of beauty. If Koreans ask your age, please don’t feel offended. They do it because of a sign of respect: the younger one will address the older one with respect. Family, respect and obedience to elderly people are also key in Korean culture. Feel stunned by this exciting city where day and night merge as a one.

Did you know


There are no arm rests at Seoul theatres.