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North London Collegiate School Korea

Location: 33 Global edu-ro 145beon-gil Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si KR

Nearly 1,300 NLCS Jeju students combine academic excellence and a deep love of learning with a wealth of co curricular opportunities, to develop into exceptional individuals who believe that anything is possible. Our students leave us with a clear sense of where their passions and interests lie, having experienced a wide variety of activities and opportunities.

They are prepared for the challenges of a world in which borders are fading, in which international mindedness and compassion are essential. They are equipped with the skills and attributes to think flexibly, to be independent, balanced, and to take risks where appropriate.

We believe that the NLCS Jeju programme provides the ‘gold standard’ in education for today’s world and for tomorrow’s.

Introductory film (click link to watch on YouTube)


Students achieve world-class results in an inspirational environment

The curriculum at NLCS Jeju is based largely on that of NLCS London. In key Stage 4 (years 10 to 11), students work towards their IGCSE course, and in Key stage 5 (years 12 to 13) students follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

At all times the curriculum at NLCS Jeju seeks to challenge, enthuse, and interest our students. We believe that the curriculum subjects have the power to fascinate young people. Lesson content is up to date, based on the latest discoveries and understanding in each field. The stories behind the knowledge are be explored and subjects brought to life in a way that captures a student's imagination. We aim to engender students who have a passion for the subjects that they study and are motivated to learn through this passion.

The IB diploma philosophy is closely aligned with the aims of NLCS Jeju, with its emphasis on developing inquiring, internationally minded, caring young people. The rigour and breadth provided by the programme, the critical thinking and research skills that it develops, mean that it is recognised by the best universities in the world.

Through our curriculum we aim to develop an enthusiasm for learning in all of our students as they are challenged to develop their ideas and push their thinking further beyond classroom study. We want students to enjoy learning and develop a genuine passion for the subjects they study.

A history of success

Since 1850, NLCS (UK) has maintained its reputation for providing an outstanding education, consistently delivering some of the best academic results in the UK. Founded by Victorian pioneer of education, Frances Mary Buss, the vision of our founder remains true to this day and we are a school which believes fundamentally in what students ‘can do’; we never place ceilings on them nor label them.  Strong in tradition, yet forward-thinking and outward-looking, North London Collegiate schools provide an ambitious academic education. NLCS Jeju’s rigorous curriculum challenges students to think critically and to problem solve. Except for a few small local differences, the curriculum and the aspirational approach to delivering it is exactly the same as at NLCS UK.

Inspirational teaching

We recruit some of the best teachers from around the world; they are highly qualified and inspire their students to discover a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Teachers are carefully selected for their love of their subject and spend time at NLCS UK to ensure they share the NLCS school ethos. They encourage students to explore beyond curriculum boundaries and discover their own passions. The school feels busy and purposeful, with warm and respectful relationships developed between staff and students and between the students themselves. It is a place where everyone matters.

Diamond Model

NLCS Jeju offers an exceptional education for boys and girls. We use the diamond model which offers the benefits of a single-sex education while at the same time encouraging boys and girls to grow together outside of the classroom. From ages 4-11 boys and girls share classrooms, from ages 11 – 16 students are educated separately and in the Sixth Form they come back together. The best of all worlds.


A supportive school that delivers great results through a balanced programme

A happy, healthy child is a successful child

Our school ethos is similar to that of the world’s most progressive and successful schools. We believe that by supporting students in every aspect of their lives, and removing all barriers to learning, they will perform to their full potential. We address any issue that can affect a child’s learning with conviction, professionalism and purpose. We also ensure that our students have a balanced approach to their school years which includes appropriate levels of sleep, exercise, social activity and academic pursuits. We therefore advise against extra-tuition in evenings, weekends and holidays.

Boarding House System

In the Senior School, from Y7 to Y13, our pastoral system is typical of successful British boarding schools.  Every student, day or boarder, is a member of a House that provides a sense of belonging and identity to all its members.  All faculty staff are members of a House and support in the academic and pastoral development of students in that House. The House is much, much more than a physical building! It is the family that provides the opportunities, support and challenge for all NLCS Jeju students to be happy and successful.  Positive, lifelong relationships are made in Houses that serve students during and beyond their time at NLCS Jeju.

Personal development

We place high demands on our students and are ambitious for each and every one of them.  We believe every child can be successful and achieve their potential. We do not rank students because we believe this creates unhealthy competition, stress and unnecessary feelings of failure for many.  Instead, we encourage students to be reflective in all aspects of their school life, to learn from mistakes and to set personal goals. We believe this environment encourages students to develop self-confidence and a positive relationship with their studies, their peers and their school.


More than 150 activities to choose from every week help you find a passion and a great university

An amazing co curricular programme

NLCS Jeju is like no other school in the region when it comes to co curricular activities; we are very proud that each week more than 150 activities offer a wide variety of opportunities for our students. In just one week students might participate in student led House competitions, after-school activities, Academic Societies, the unique Saturday morning ‘Bryant’ programme, ambitious school productions, successful sports squads and magical musical events. The opportunities to show commitment, leadership and to try out new things are never-ending.

Boundless creativity

NLCS Jeju is a school that celebrates the creative spirit and passion of our students. The platform for expression through creative activities is one of the most valuable opportunities provided by the school. Experiences in the Arts nurture student’s ability to become successful problem-solvers, innovators and leaders - skills that will set them apart in the future. The Arts faculty and our students combine every year to develop a rich and dynamic programme of high quality events culminating in the NLCS Jeju Arts Festival each June which is a significant cultural event.

University applications

Universities care about the character of the people they admit - what students do outside the classroom tells them a lot about the kind of student who is applying. Co curricular activities are the best way students can demonstrate how unique, interesting, even “better” they are than other student applicants, and showcase where their passions lie. Through our co curricular programme, NLCS Jeju gives our students opportunities to develop characteristics such as leadership, initiative, commitment and many more.


We appreciate that moving to a new school can be daunting and our Admissions Team is on hand to guide families through the process. Our Admissions Policy aims to give families flexibility when applying for the School and when choosing a start date. Key elements of our Admissions Policy:

-      There are Entrance Test dates available throughout the year. The number of places at each Entrance Test is limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

-      There are limited places available in each Year Group. Places will be awarded to successful applicants on a first come first served basis. If the Year Group is full, a successful candidate will be placed on the Waiting List. The Waiting List is valid to the last entry term of the academic year.

-      After a deposit has been paid, an offered place will be held for the successful applicant until the agreed start date.

-      Students will have the option of starting at the School at the beginning of each half term.

-      Due to our extended entrance test options the number of available place changes every week. Please contact Admissions Team for the latest information. (TEL: +82-64-793-8004, Email:


We believe that a school must offer outstanding facilities to help realise the potential of its students.  We have invested heavily in facilities for our community.

Our IT infrastructure is constantly being upgraded. All buildings have super fast wireless connectivity, most classrooms have their own dedicated PC and interactive whiteboard and there are computer labs throughout the School and Boarding Houses.

Our Library is physically and philosophically at the heart of the school. With three floors and room for nearly 50,000 books, the Library provides the NLCS Jeju community with space for research, work, leisure and reflection.

Other facilities include:

Double Sports Hall

25m Swimming Pool

Fitness and Weight Training Suite

3 Squash Courts

Gymnastics Studio

2 Dance Studios

Astroturf Pitch

3 Drama studios

4 Art studios

2 Dedicated Exhibition Spaces

2 Auditoria

2 Recital Rooms

24 Music Practice Rooms

700-seater Performing Arts Centre

8 State-of-the-art Boarding Houses

2 Lecture Theatres

Fully equipped Science Laboratories


Explore our world class campus through our Virtual Tour


NLCS Jeju is an IB World School and works closely with the Federation of British International Schools in Asia to provide opportunities for our students.


The close relationship between NLCS UK and Jeju is mutually beneficial, exchanges and visits between them is just one of the many close ties which bind them together; staff appointed to NLCS Jeju are interviewed at NLCS (UK) and are also trained at the UK school in order to ensure a thorough understanding of the NLCS ethos.



33 Global edu-ro 145 beon-gil, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do


Rep. of KOREA


General enquiries : +82 64 793 8000

Junior School : +82 64 793 8601

Senior School : +82 64 793 8001

Admissions :+82 64 793 8004

Teacher recruitment : +82 64 793 8113

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