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EU Property Solutions

Professional assistance and advice in all areas of European property. Including negative equity issues, property purchasing, Legal issues and queries, insolvency advice for expats including any debt issues and Financial services including seeking finance.        

Our Highly Skilled Associates Can Help With All Aspects of Negative Equity Advice

If like many foreign property investors you are now finding yourself in the clutches of negative equity, we are here to help. Due to “loose” lending criteria, and the dramatic collapse of foreign property markets in the Eurozone, many people are now finding themselves in this position.

It is reassuring to know that you are not alone, and also that there is help available.

At EU Property Solutions, we specialise in giving our clients professional negative equity advice, and helping to protect them from negative equity litigation.

We can assist with all:

LendersForeign IssuesForeign property typesLending typesAreas and countries


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