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Kosmaa Sports Massage

Professional sports massage and deep tissue treatments in Calahonda. You do not have to be an athlete or sporty in order to come, I treat everyone! I specialise in acute and chronic tensions and pains and I have experience with fitness athletes. Also mobility testing and stretching.  I also do outcalls along the coast. 

So who is this guy?
My name is Eero Kosmaa, originally from Finland and I am a fully qualified massage therapist specializing in sports and deep tissue massages and weight training injuries. My hobby, or more of a lifestyle, is natural bodybuilding and I have fifteen years of experience in gym and weight training. I also have experience in combat sports, including Taek-won-do and boxing.
After I badly injured my knee in Taek-won-do and had to have two surgeries, my doctor recommended I abandon combat sports. The rehabilitation process got me interested in weight training, anatomy and so was the idea of becoming a massage therapist born. After a few years I decided to go to school. At this point the gym was such a big part of my life that on top of my massage studies I got qualified as a Personal Trainer as well.

How I roll

I only use tested and effective methods in my treatments. Also, apply special techniques, deep tissue manipulation and tools if needed. Also as a side note here: if you are looking for a relaxing massage while the sounds of mountain streams babble in the background, I might not be the massage therapist for you. Priorities in my treatments are trust and communication which lead to progressive course of treatment and the improvement of the quality of life for the client.
I think a massage should be an effective experience as well as physically and as mentally. All clients teach me something new which I can apply in the future. Everyone of us is different and special (some more than others) and this is why I face every client as an individual. No need to feel nervous, I will do my very best so you can feel comfortable and gain the maximum results from your treatments.
I mainly work with people with chronic and acute injuries or pains and with active people/athletes. I try to keep things light, not forgetting humour! I know from experience that rehabilitation and treatment of pains and aches is long-lasting and hard work from time to time, but commitment can make amazing things happen. I am ready to do my part, how about you?


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