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EnviroCare SL - Quality Air Conditioning - Since 1996

Installations, service and repair. Heating, cooling and dehumidification technology. Pool heating, solar water and central heating. Professionalism guaranteed. Free no obligation surveys. Qualified engineers working to the latest specs. All areas.

Number 1. for Air Conditioning in Southern Spain

EnviroCare install complete systems, but also offer preventative maintenance packages which run alongside the guarantees of the machines, to ensure that the products installed for you by EnviroCare operate effectively for many years.

EnviroCare aim to supply you with the most comfortable and efficient environment for your home or business in terms of climatisation, and the most superior efficiency with regards to electrical consumption and environmental awareness.

If you ask around you will probably find that EnviroCare have installed, or serviced and maintained units that belong to your neighbors, friends, or business associates.

This proves that we have the experience and reliability to help you with your climatisation requirements. We have been around since 1996 and we will be here in the future when and if you need us!

All our installations are carried out with total regard to the ‘F Registration’ guidelines, by our team of fully experienced, trained, and qualified engineers.

For your peace of mind, all installations are covered with a 3 year parts and labour guarantee.

If you would like to talk to one of our engineers, or even to ask for some advice or information, please contact us:

Phone: +34 952 663 141 / +34 670 409 759

Email: info@envirocarespain.com



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