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POSH Seconds - Marbella

New and used furniture - eclectic, vintage, modern, antique - as well as paintings, statues, sculptures and other art. CN340, Exit 184, Urb. Panorama, Loc 17, 29603 Marbella.

You now have at your disposal a new unique concept that fuses original top quality furniture, new and used (eclectic, vintage, modern, antique) with different kinds of art (paintings, statues, sculptures e.t.c…).

We offer the following services:
– interior design
– house clearances
– exhibitions
– complete furnishings
– renovations and construction

…from small to extremely large projects.

Our passion for quality, design and craftsmanship is the soul of our company! Working closely with our clients to deliver the results to guarantee their satisfaction! Through our vast network of co-partners and distributors no job is too large or too small.


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2 years ago