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Veloc Tuning

Engine Tuning Services. ECU remapping and chip tuning for diesel and petrol vehicles. Increased performance and fuel economy, for cars, vans, motor homes and trucks. Qualified professional Service. With a lifetime software guarantee.

Welcome to Veloc Tuning

We Specialize In Vehicle Engine Tuning  for Cars, Vans, Motor Homes, Trucks & Boats

Our Custom remapping service will optimise the performance of your vehicle to your very own personal requirements, so whether you want performance, economy, towing power, remove flat spots & turbo lag, or just to improve the overall driving pleasure of your car, we can do this for you, and you will love the results.

We offer STAGE ONE re-mapping for improved BHP, Torque, Drive-ability & Fuel economy. Also STAGE TWO & THREE re-mapping for greatly increased performance for standard and high performance Petrol & Diesel cars. We also offer a professional and complete DPF and EGR solution service saving you a huge amount in the replacement costs.

About Us

We specialise in, and are passionate about making the very best out of our customer’s vehicles in the way they drive. Our aim is to perfect the often compromised and quite poor parameters sometimes set by the manufacturers in the ECU (engine control unit).

With a choice of tuning types and careful remapping, most vehicles can be transformed to unleash their true potential, additionally with the added advantage of great fuel savings. Our aim is to satisfy all of our customers tuning needs, and offer a lifetime guarantee on the tuning software. 

Fully Mobile Service

We are fully mobile, and come to you at your home or place of work. The tuning process takes around an hour and a half to complete, and carries our full 30 day money back guarantee if you are not delighted with the remapping of your vehicle.

Most areas Covered Including  "Costa del Sol" "Costa Blanca"  "Costa Calida"  "Costa Almeria"


20-35% Extra Horsepower &  20-35% Extra Torque

Better throttle response & Safer overtaking

Smoother power delivery & Enhanced Driveability

Improved diesel economy – typically 10% or more

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


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