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The American school of Barcelona

Independent, co-educational school for children from 3-18 years of age. There is an International mix of students. The English National Curriculum is delivered by teachers who are native-English speakers with British teaching qualifications.

ASBs Educational Expertise and Innovation!

Welcome to the American School of Barcelona! Let me share with you our innovative, rigorous, and caring international school. We are in the midst of a period of rising reputation, increasing enrollment, and exemplary academic achievement. We are the leading International Baccalaureate Diploma Program school in Barcelona. Below are six qualities that make ASB Unique:

World Class Teachers and Instructional Methods

ASB has recruited the best international teachers and created a rich learning community for students, parents, and educators. Many of our teachers are teacher leaders who provide workshops locally and globally for other educators about how to use effective instructional practices in the classroom. We pride ourselves on 21st century progressive teaching in which students are focused on projects, solving problems, and presenting their work.

Impressive Academic Results in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program and Elementary and Middle School International School Assessments

ASB is an International Baccalaureate World School offering the IB Diploma Program. Our school has a proven track record of success with our high school students scoring well above the international average. Students following the local Selectividad program for Spanish Universities have also scored well above the Spanish average. Our students attend prestigious universities in North America, the UK, Spain, and other international locations.

In elementary and middle school, our students reading scores have consistently been higher than similar international schools on standardized tests. Educational research indicates that this is the educational skill most closely correlated to student success in university.

Technology – One to One Laptop Program, Digital Whiteboards, and Moodle

The school has integrated technology projects that are supported by fixed and mobile computer labs, iPads, interactive whiteboards, document-based cameras and an on-line grading system. In 2013-14, we implemented a one-to-one laptop program in grades 6-12.

Language Learning and Instruction

Instruction at ASB for core subjects is in English with primarily North American trained teachers. The school also has strong Spanish and Catalan language classes, and we offer extensive language support. French is also offered as an after school activity. Communicating in English and in multiple languages are distinct advantages for our students in our global economy.

Local and Global Connections

Our students from over 45 countries around the world have numerous opportunities to connect with other students locally and internationally:

   Class trips to London or Rome, or exchanges to New York.

   Model United Nations events in The Hague, Lisbon and Milan.

   Local and international soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and tennis tournaments through the European Sports Conference (ESC).

   Annual Ski Week in the Pyrenees.

   Community service projects in local parks, schools, and hospitals, as well as international efforts such as “Habitat for Humanity”.

   NESDA: High school students in the New European Speech, Debate and Acting Association attend tournaments in Munich, Vienna, Prague, and more.

Facilities for the Future

The American School of Barcelona completed construction of a brand new Elementary and Early Childhood Center in July 2014, allowing the main building already in existence to be used exclusively for Secondary students – both middle and high. Other recent renovations include providing improved classrooms, updated science labs, an expanded cafeteria, and a lighted outdoor field. In addition, in October 2014, we inaugurated a state of the art library/media center where students have access to thousands of books, computers, research materials, and meeting space.

I invite you to explore our website and find out more about our dynamic school!


Mark Pingitore, ASB Director

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