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Dental clinic and Esthetics - Susana Campi Barcelona

Modern clinic located at Josep Tarradellas 97 near Rocafort Barcelona. We offer all dental specialty treatments, specialising in Esthetics and Natural Dentistry. We speak 6 languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Catalan.

Our staff is formed of large experienced professionals with a wide formation through courses and congresses, beginning with Dra. Campi who has 33 years of experience and has passed more then 100 courses, continuing with the other dentists in the clinic with other specialitys, which are specifically prepared for their speciality, and ending with the auxiliary staff, which have its own official qualification and plenty of postgraduate courses taken to increase their knowledge.
All this with the careful and kind handling, makes Dra. Campi´s dental clinic a likeable place to go for your dental check-ups or your dental urgencys.

We also offer a recall system to remember your regularly check-up date The possibility to finance your treatment up to 5 years Multiple promotions and offers all year long The possibility to take care of you in 6 languages: Spanish, catalan,german, italian, french and ENGLISH.

General Dentistry
We treat all specialties, general dentist has the ability to assess oral problems accurately and professionally.
Conservative Dentistry
It is the specialty that restores teeth to keep them through reconstructions and fillings.
Root Canals
Allows to treat teeth with affected nerve to be preserved rather than removed. We offer fast and effective treatments 
Pediatric Dentistry
This is the part of dentistry that deals with childrens oral problems. Children two yerars old already have full dentition 
Dental aesthetics
We improve the appearance of your teeth by using whitening, makeovers, porcelain veneers, zircons, etc.. 
It is the specialty that deals with replacing missing teeth. There are basically two types of prostheses, fixed and mobile.
Dental Implants
Whenever possible you have to choose to keep your own teeth, if this is not possible tental implants can be performed
Maxillofacial Surgery
It deals with surgical procedures in the area of the mouth like wisdom tooth extraction and other interventions 

Deals with treating inflamated gums. When the inflamation is mild it is called gingivitis and if its severe, it is called periodontitis 
Dental Prevention
Our practice places special emphasis on preventive oral health, as applying fluoride gels to children ... 
Naturist Dentistry
For the lover of alternative medicine, people with severe allergies, we have specific natural treatments
TMJ & dental occlusion
For people with problems of fit between maxillary and night grinding causing headaches and neckaches.


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