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British Prince School

British Prince School is the only authorized British School in Las Rozas and it offers 100% British high education for children between 18 months up to 10 years of age. All ages follow the requirements of the National British Curriculum.  

“We believe that young children learn best when they enjoy what they are doing and when they have self-confidence and are motivated. In order to do this, we created a carefully planned and detailed program to ensure that the children are given a wide range of active, real life and every day experiences to enhance and stimulate their knowledge about the world around them”. 

German and Spanish language is introduced from the Primary Stage plus a wide range of diverse, dynamic, fun and educational activities as Museum or Theatre visits, horse riding or climbing

Our privileged school is built on over 4.000 square metres. The school has new, large and well equipped classrooms, each with independent bathrooms. New technologies are introduced by using interactive smart boards, tablets, robotics and our fellow-robot M-Bot. Our garden has been divided into four different 'play zones': playgrounds, football, basketball court and sand pits have high quality equipment and soft flooring where needed. On our grounds you can also find an outdoor swimming pool for our summer course, a garden area where all kids plant delicious and healthy vegetables and a parking lot. 

“Our aim is to work collaboratively with families and our highly qualified staff to develop a learning environment where children are treated as unique individuals. We encourage our students to challenge their thinking, dream big, be creative and use their imaginations” 

 And during the Summer time COME AND JOIN US IN OUR FUN SUMMER CAMP! 

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C/ López Santos, 1 Las Rozas. 28231 ES

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