Sinews Multilingual Therapy Institute

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Sinews Multilingual Therapy Institute

Sinews has a multidisciplinary team of native professionals (American, British) specialized in: Psychology, Speech and language therapy, and Psychiatry. We have vast clinical experience helping expat adults, couples and children in the international community with a variety of issues.

The services offered include psychiatric treatment, couples counseling, individual and group psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults, psycho-educational testing (available in both Spanish and English), professional support teachers at home (speech therapists and psychologists) and executive & personal coaching. 

Our team of more than 20 international professionals distinguishes Sinews from other clinics. It allows us to offer a very personalized service with a wide variety of specialties such as treatment of eating disorders, sexual difficulties, mindfulness and accent reduction, among many others. The diverse backgrounds of our team members guarantees not only quality service in your own language but also assistance with cultural adjustment and re-entry shock preparation from people with first-hand personal experience.

Sinews counts on a medical team of psychiatrists. Medical treatment combined with psychotherapy improves efficacy- reducing costs, dosage, and duration of the medical treatment.

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